Moving Day (again? already?)

Today was a day of moving and re-organizing. It was not a particularly fun day. :) I do feel a huge sense of relief that I’m done with carting over a million boxes and that I’m prepared, now, for summer when having A/C will be a Godsend.

Tomorrow’s shaping up to be a pretty busy day of working on some custom orders and more work on the big daddies (Longshot and Stampede). I should have some more photos up this weekend.

Thanks again for everyone checking out the site and I really appreciate you guyd spreading the word. I’m really trying to come up with a cool contest (maybe a custom Maverick prize?) to thank all of you fine folks out there for being supportive of my desire to die from paint-fume related illnesses! :)

Have a great rest of the week,


The Nerf Stampede

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