Gun Giveaway!

So I thought as a thank you to everyone here I’d give away a gun. I’m thinking maybe an Element or a Maverick. Maybe I’ll give ya the choice of which you want. Whatever that ends up being, I think it should be a pretty cool prize for simply following the blog. You’re doing that anyways, right? :)

So here’s how it works, I will choose at random (I’ll have my son pick a name, heh) a person who’s subscribed to the blogwithin the next 2 weeks. I will also be posting this on my FB page to make sure those people have a chance as well.

If this sounds cool, let me know. I’d like to get the contest going! :)


20 thoughts on “Gun Giveaway!

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    1. johnsonarms

      I’ll try to do another giveaway to include people who are not fans on FB or here on wordpress. It’s really simple to set up an account it you want, but I think you can follow without being a user, but I’m not 100%.

  2. Nate

    OK, thats cool. Im not much of a computer guy, (country hick, haha) But I defiantly want to keep an eye out here, awesome paintjobs and all :)

  3. Zach

    I have liked your facebook, but I’m in the UK, so if i win i would be happy to pay postage to the UK if it’s under 20 USD. thanks.


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