Monthly Archives: January 2012


I finally got some time to work on the Rayven and it’s really pulling together. Sorry for the blue tape in the photo, that will be removed soon enough :)

This will hit 80′ with stock darts when it’s done. I can’t wait for the next NERF war!


Here’s the new finish for Mal’s pistol. I still have a few silver accents to add and it will be complete. :) I tried to keep it a little brighter than the actual screen used prop, just because it looks better in my opinion. Accurate isn’t alway pretty :)


This little guy isn’t tiny, but he’s a great fit for a lady sized hand. Sorry I didn’t go for the pink this time, but I hope a Tiffany blue kind of color still works :)

Ok guys, I think they bought it on the blue…you can still buy this and be a cool guy! 😉


Although I like the regular tactical look this has, I’m really excited to get the paint on this gun as it will be much more interesting to look at :) The Mass Effect Valkyrie. The red power button will look more appropriate once thing are done just if anyone wondered :)


Weathered up this scout and decided to try out my new rubber coating. It’s designed for dipping so applying with a brush was a bit tricky. After a few tries I think it came out cool and properly weathered to match the rest of the gun. It feels good too, like there’s actually something other thank plastic in your hand :)

Just a few more small details and it’s ready to ship out to its new Spartan owner!