3 thoughts on “Steampunk Maverick progress 1/4/12

  1. Sherriff Bloodstar

    You know you are a badazz when you can do stuff like this…the Maverick is not even done and it looks great, I would rock it even like that! I am new to painting Nerf Guns…I wanna do up my twin Barricades this way…any tips as to how? Once again, U are the man! Keep the posts coming!

    1. Johnson Arms

      Thanks very much, I’m really glad to give any kind of inspiration regarding this stuff. I also take in ideas from seeing other people’s guns, but I try to never deliberately copy a design. This does become tough with military style guns because they’re pretty much one color and that doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination of mixing it up. I guess that’s where the wear and tear come in. That can really change up the look of a gun.

    2. Johnson Arms

      For learning how to do this, definitely check out youtube and do some searches. There’s a lot of info on there that would beat anything I could offer up. Let me know how the Barricades turn out! (and don’t sell one of either. I wish I had kept my first one, honestly)


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