Monthly Archives: February 2012


Sorry it’s a bad nighttime iphone photo, but they looked cool all sitting together :) Yes, the Liquid Plasma rifle is still not done, but it was there and looked appropriate with the others! Hope you enjoy the shot!

Hey guys!

So, my good friend Pete Pachoumis wrote and illustrated a new kids book and I wanted to share it with you guys. Pete supported me back when I was just getting started and although he’s already a very accomplished artist, I figure we could help him hit that #1 spot on Amazon’s “Hot new kids books” list.

All my thanks and more guns coming soon! :)


So I’m really wanting to get my hands on an actual M41a Pulse Rifle replica to paint up. That is an investment in itself. So I thought I’d see if anyone was wanting a PR with a paintjob similar to the one on this Nerf longshot. If so, I’d love to hear from ya, Mr. Deep-pockets :)