3 thoughts on “Halo CQC Rayven – Adding the extra bits!

  1. Nick

    If I am not mistaken, the site has been up for a year now (first post on Feb 14th 2011), Congratulations! Your work is awesome and has inspired me to paint some of my nerf/squirt/sound-effects/bubble guns amongst other things. The firefly casts are pretty cool. If I had a wife, I’d trade her to you for Jayne’s Vera. Keep up the good work.

  2. Alfred Fairweather

    I love the Halo Rayven, from when i first say it, and so want to make one, i saw the pic with the site, tac light and tac sling made it look even better, id love to know what brand of sight, light and where you got the tac sling, because id love to make one myself, its my first attempt at anything like this, but id love a replica of your design.

    1. Johnson Arms

      Hey Al! So many of my parts are sourced through damaged airsoft and I don’t always know where the part originally came from 😉 You will find that most of the scopes and parts are often used on many different airsoft models, so it might just be a matter of searching a local store or browsing online to find the one you’re looking for. I’d suggest also trying local flea markets to see if they have an airsoft seller, its very possible that they also sell extra bits from broken guns! I wish you well and hope you’ll share what you come up with! Thanks! :)


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