Monthly Archives: March 2012


So I decided to re-do the standard cylinders that taper a bit. I intend to sleeve each barrel with a brass sleeve to seal the darts better. I’m not sure that the color will stay this way, it was just a painted shell I used as a stand-in. I hope it improves the look of the blaster. The barrels certainly added some nice weight to it of nothing else :)

Thank you time!

I just wanted to make sure anyone hitting this site was not missing out on a few other great sites that are related to the things I paint. I hope you’ll check them out, I wouldn’t waste your time with some non-sense :)

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who has contributed their time, ideas and personal resources. I would not be seeing the traffic I do today without the support of Pocket over at He gets the goods so early that NERF has ta yell at him :) I’d also not be doing the decals and graphics without the help of Christopher Glas and his wife Jen at They are really creative prop makers and they also have an affinity to Fallout and also NERF blasters of the custom sort :)

And thanks to you, the visitor. You guys make this all worth doing. Every commission helps make me better at this and that has to be a good thing.

Stay tuned for more!