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So I did my first public show yesterday at the Orlando Mini-Maker’s Faire. I brought out a bunch of stuff and really had a great time sharing them with a lot of great people. If you were one of those kind souls, thank you for your interest and patience as I figured out how to answer 3 peoples questions at one time :) I think I’ll be better prepared for whatever’s next – thanks for being a part of the event!

My thanks to the great folks who put on the event, it was so well organized. I hope I’ll always see that kind of professionalism (that might be wishful thinking, hehe)

All the Best,




A real Man’s Nerf

Anyone can march onto the field of battle with a 3ft monster rifle. For this baby, only pros need apply ūüėČ

I made this for my niece who asked for her own custom from Uncle Brian. I hope she’ll approve, hehe

Have a great weekend and I hope to see some of you in Orlando tomorrow at the Maker’s Faire.

And have a Happy Memorial Day!




So I was looking around online and saw some really cool shoe designs. I also thought I might be able to do something cool with my painting skills :) This was just a really rough sketch with some highlighter and dry erase markers, but hopefully the idea is there for the panels on the shoe. If you guys have any ideas or suggestions, I’d appreciate it!


Kind of Urban/Industrial with a bit of color. I hope the chrome lettering shows up in the photos, they look really good in person, hehe. I did my best to get the access “light” to look like it was glowing, let me know what you think about that :)

This one is for my buddy Marty Yang at Urban Taggers. Thank you for all the support you’ve showed over the past 18 months, buddy :) I hope you approve of the paint job!

check his site out here:

Custom Mass Effect 3 Mattock Rifle from Zprops

Hey All,

How¬†often am I floored by video game replica props?¬† Not often…and I see a ton of them. They’re usually decent, but rarely do I ever see something that looks absolutely perfect. I mean ZERO mistakes. The two guys I can name without trying are Harrison Krix of Volpin Props ( and¬†more recently¬†Zander Brandt of Zprops (

So that’s the reason for this post. Zander has a Maddock prop for pre-order that is draw-droppingly accurate. I encourage you to check out the build notes here on

As you all know, I’m a painter first, fabricator second. I hope you’ll support this kind of work so we can see more awesome stuff from Zander¬†in the future. I know I can’t wait to get my hands on one to paint myself, but that’s just me being a geek at heart. :)

Here’s a shot of his own build and paintwork. Just outstanding stuff.