I had a helmet donated for the purposes of seeing what I could do with a Carter helmet. Here’s the helmet at about 90% (still needs the visor!) – if anyone is curious about my choice of blue..I liked this better than Periwinkle lol

If you have interest in your own JA customized Helmet, let me know! Johnsonarms76@gmail.com20120725-150721.jpg20120725-150735.jpg20120725-150754.jpg

8 thoughts on “Halo Commando Helmet

  1. Johnson Arms

    Hi Joel! The helmet is available, I’m just waiting on the visor to install. The price when it’s finished will be 350USD if you find yourself still interested, mate. Thanks for the inquiry regardless!

  2. Joshua

    Hey I would like to order one if you do that I would like the EOD helmet if you do that and do white and red thank if you can for my son for Christmas


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