Adventure Time inspired Demon Blood Sword Finished!

I usually don’t get too fanboy when it comes to the props I paint, but that went out the window with this sword. It’s so damn red and shiny, lol. I tried to balance out the realistic/cartoon-y look and I think this was a good balance for the first try. Many thanks to my talented Dad for his time spent building this three foot beast :)

I hope you AT fans will enjoy seeing the photos (yes, I’ll get a proper photo before it leaves!) and maybe we’ll try another one if you have some suggestions on what the next one should be :)



12 thoughts on “Adventure Time inspired Demon Blood Sword Finished!

  1. maggot

    As an awesome prop-maker, have you ever thought about making those swords of foam an Latex, with fibre-glass-core?

    Would be the most awesom, because you can have a little safe fight with them!

    1. Johnson Arms

      It was made in the proportions of the cartoon sword and that seems to be a bit unrealistic. We’re refining the design so I think the next one will look more proper. Thanks for the input :)

  2. maggot

    You can colorize latex … also latex is sprayable with airbrush without ruining the airbrush. … here in germany some LARPers or companys that are into LARP-buisness get some serious and coollooking stuff done with foam and latex … normaly you coat it with a flexible and transparent coat and that makes it durable!

    for some examples …
    There is an english version of the Shop, so you don’t need skills in german language or a translatortool :-)


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