I call it a pirate pistol and I bet its something else..but it looks legit and that’s what matters, right? :) it’s not the nicest casting ever with a small upsweep in the “barrer packing bar”. I assume it was just bent during a high-seas ship assault, hehe

It is available, email me if you have any interest or think it would make a keen steampunk/sky captain base :) Johnsonarms76@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “A pirate pistol I’ve been working on

  1. Green_Lantern_Sector2814

    Great stuff you keep posting, I love checking this blog to see your new stuff. I really like the shark mouth on the alpha trooper, that was a really cool touch and it was something that I hadn’t seen before

    1. Johnson Arms

      I’m glad you like that mouth, I had been looking for a chance to do that (originally I was going to do a WWII fighter plane scheme with the shark mouth…still might, heh). I promise to finish it up soon and I’ll post some much better photos :)


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