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Shop Update 9/29/13

Hello there!  Welcome back for another installment of “what is Brian doing now??” :)  It’s been a few weeks since the last update, so I’ll add some photos of works in progress as well as a few finished pieces.  If you have any questions or wish to inquire about a commission, please send me an email at   Thanks!



IMG_20130919_010142 borderlands_2_double_penetrating_unkempt_harold_by_johnsonarms-d6kyk4t upgraded_vera_prop_v3_0_by_johnsonarms-d6hwklz data_crystal_chip_replica_by_johnsonarms-d6lgvgv dead_or_alive_by_johnsonarms-d6l759z iron_patriot_themed_helmet_paintjob_by_johnsonarms-d6jczgc flash_gordon_inspired_hawkman_gun_by_johnsonarms-d6lz0wz plasma_fueled_flintlock_blunderbuss_pistol_by_johnsonarms-d6n5ct4 halo_ma5c_assault_rifle_replica___standard_issue_by_johnsonarms-d6lh1mm custom_mass_effect_inspired_energy_pistol_by_johnsonarms-d6n5ah4 robocop_auto_9_replica_by_johnsonarms-d6mqkb9 IMG_20130920_073849 IMG_20130925_031808 IMG_20130927_054002 20130927_153616

Boba Fett helmet update


Here’s the progress on the Fett helmet, let me know what you guys think!  The color isnt exactly right due to it being a phone photo, but its looks pretty close here in person :)

If you’ve been wanting one for yourself, please let me know at

Brian Johnson
Johnson Arms Replicas and Props

Steampunk Darth Vader Helmet almost finished!

Better photos to follow, but here’s the Vader helmet done up in brass! It’s a full sized two-part plastic shell, so I’m hoping it might get used for a full steampunk some day.

More photos to follow, I just had to get at least one photo out to share :)

Next phase will be SP Boba Fett! Hehe


HALO Carter Helmet Complete

Thanks to Tony Pagan, the Carter helmet is complete (He also did the sculpt and casting). This one is spoken for, but let me know if you have a helmet that needs painting or would like to purchase your own competed helmet. Thanks for visiting :)

Brian Johnson


Shop Update 7-28-12

Hey Folks! Here’s a few of the projects getting wrapped up this week. There’s a few things needing that last 1%, but that shouldn’t keep ya from enjoying the photos :)

I’ve had a lot of inquiries about resin replicas this week and I thought I’d let it be known that I can get just about anything if you have the funds! If there’s anything you’ve been looking for, just shoot me an email and I’ll let you know if it’s possible. Thank you very much!

Until next week!
Brian Johnson














I had a helmet donated for the purposes of seeing what I could do with a Carter helmet. Here’s the helmet at about 90% (still needs the visor!) – if anyone is curious about my choice of blue..I liked this better than Periwinkle lol

If you have interest in your own JA customized Helmet, let me know! Johnsonarms76@gmail.com20120725-150721.jpg20120725-150735.jpg20120725-150754.jpg