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Hey folks!

Sorry for the lack of content on the site, but I’ve had some real difficulties getting logged in and I tend to put off dealing with password and login credentials as long as possible when other avenues are available (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc..).  I think I have all the problems sorted and you shall be seeing a lot more action here as a result.   Thanks for standing resolute and keeping me on your watch list, I promise to repay that kindness soon! :)

So here’s the Thorn Hand Cannon I finally brought through the process of going from 3D print to resin cast awesomeness.   This particular piece was really decked out with real leather and some additional carving on the bridge of the barrel, but it is destined to be part of a raffle where the money is being donated to help some kids who could really use any money that can be donated.  It was a good reason to put all my efforts into it and I hope you like the results.

For anyone yearning for their own 14″ Thorn to add to the trophy wall, please email me at for price and availability.  Thank you!


Thorn Hand Cannon by Johnson Arms Replicas and Props

Thorn Hand Cannon by Johnson Arms Replicas and Props



Dr. Who “Dark Eyes” 8th Doctor variant Sonic Screwdriver replica

Here are a few recent commissions I did for the very steampunk-flavored ‘Dark Eyes’ Sonic Screwdriver.  They were designed in 3D and printed, before being molded for a stronger body.  I don’t do very many because the of the time involved, but if you’ve been after one I think this fan-made replica is pretty close and feels very authentic.   It is a touch smaller than the original, but Paul McGann approved of it recently when he saw one in person, haha!

They are also available with a clear crystal and they do light up.  Email me at if you’re interested, thanks!



Destiny “Thorn” Replica

Hey Folks!

Here’s a recent commission that utilized a great cast from Impact props.  I decided to do a chrome version before adding the darker paint job that you see in the game.  I think it looks pretty awesome like this and the intricate design really gets a chance to be appreciated with the brighter color.  If anyone’s interested in having one for themselves, just let me know at,  thanks!



destiny Thorn prop replica

Destiny “Thorn” Replica 2014

Destiny Thorn replica prop

Destiny “Thorn” Replica 2014

Space Coast Nerd Fest 2014 is coming April 12th!

Hey Folks!   Welcome back for what I hope will be an awesome year here in 2014!   In addition to putting out some great new projects, I’m really excited to be making it out to some conventions and festivals this year!  One that I’m really excited about is the Space Coast Nerd Fest in Melbourne, Florida ( on April 12th.  I’ll be part of a panel on prop making along with a number of other builders, so you’ll definitely want to check that out!  We’ll also have a booth to show off some of the work you see here on the website as well as hopefully answer questions you might have!  This will be a lot more than you’re use to at the typical convention, so I encourage you to check it out!

I’ll be posting more events as the year progresses, but in the meantime, be sure to check back for all the cool props and videos that are on the way!

As always, thank you very much for your support and I’ll see you guys soon! :)

– Brian



Elysium themed Chemrail Replica

Hi Folks!

I wanted to share the latest prop build here at Johnson Arms. After seeing the new film Elysium and looking through the “Art of” book, I was possed with the idea pf building my very own Chemrail replica. It just so happens that the new Nerf Centurion is 39in long and exactly the same as the prop used in the film. This was obviously fate taunting me and I fell for it :)

Below is the result of a two day, 30 hour speed build. There are elements I wished to include, but could not include unfortunately. I hope you will see past these issues and still enjoy the results. I give all my thanks to the artists at WETA who made the original and get a kick out of seeing it in Nerfy form, haha.

Thanks for visiting and please don’t be a stranger! :)

Brian Johnson
Johnson Arms Replicas and Props

Commission status [OPEN]IMG_20130823_072544

Hey gang!

I do apologize for the lack of posts here on the new site,  but I promise we’re working towards having a really professional site here soon :)  We gave the wordpress port a try, but its just not to my liking, so we should have the new layout released real soon.  I appreciate your support!

Just a few projects and progress shots









Brian Johnson
Johnson Arms Replicas and Props


Project Updates and MEGACON 2013


This weekend is MegaCon in Orlando, Florida and I’ll be there with my son and some friends!  If you’re planning to be there, I hope to get a chance to meet ya :)  Although I don’t plan to carry an armload of props, I will be planning to bring a few things just for fun. 

Have fun and see you guys there! 


Here’s a few photos since last month’s update!  More coming soon! :)