Movie and Television Inspired Replicas


Most of these were kits supplied by folks or began life as toys before being enhanced :)    If you have any interest in your own custom, please shoot me an email at

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Repaint of Finn's Golden Sword from "Adventure Time"

Repaint of Finn’s Golden Sword from “Adventure Time”

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14 thoughts on “Movie and Television Inspired Replicas

    1. Johnson Arms

      I’ve painted some and made a longstrike into a quasi-lasgun not too long ago. If you can get me a gun to paint, I can do it up, but I dot have the time to fabricate something from scratch very often!

  1. Adam

    Your work is amazing, sir. I came across your renditions of Mal’s pistol on Etsy. I wish I could make things like this…

    And also, I second putting model names (both original and also what you were going for or what you call them).

    Bravo. Many internets to you.

  2. Chris

    Very awesome! Great job mate! I hope you will continue to make epic replicas and guns. And merry Christmas from Australia!

  3. Mark C.

    My dear sir, your (sniffle) BEAUTIFUL copy of Vera just (sniffle) plain brings tears to my eye!! I’d love one!!
    I beg you to NEVER, EVER, stop doing the absolutely awesome and beautiful work you do!!
    Live Long, and Prosper!

    1. johnsonarms Post author

      As I recall it still had all the guts to still shoot. It was made more for the look and at the time we didn’t have 3D printing to rely on, lol. I’m really glad it still holds up and thank you for the kind words!


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