Here are a few examples of Steampunk and similar style props.  If I can be of help on your film or cosplay needs, please email me at


JIMG_7970IMG_7989IMG_7991IMG_8027IMG_8028IMG_8204IMG_8371IMG_8381IMG_8400Johnson ArmsIMG_8611IMG_8626IMG_8628 dualIMG_8694IMG_8707IMG_8771IMG_8786IMG_8857 dual photoIMG_8938IMG_8948IMG_8951IMG_8971IMG_9008IMG_902520130515_1732511889_steam_powered_blunderbuss_by_johnson_arms_by_johnsonarms-d63snerwpid-FB_IMG_13615127311268057.jpgwpid-20130224_140256.jpgwpid-20130222_230410.jpgIMG_0987 2IMG_0975IMG_0961IMG_0941Steampunk Mauser combo

7 thoughts on “Steampunk

    1. Johnson Arms

      I appreciate that. I’ve always had the same ideas on what looks good, it’s just that more people are taking my opinion these days :)

      I would jump at the chance to work on something that needed restoration if the project would hold my interest.

  1. Cole

    Do you make custom things? I have a couple replica ideas that i would like to see made and i think you are the man for the job if you would accept.


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