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NERF Pulse Rifle Complete

Happy Wednesday everyone! I just wanted to share a couple of the final photos for the converted NERF stampede. I think it came out pretty convincing, but I’ll let you all be the real judges :)

Thanks for following the build and stay tuned for more cool stuff!






NERF Pulse Rifle progress photos!

Here’s some first photos of the Stampede-based Pulse Rifle Chris Glas has been building for me (hypercats.net). I should have it next week to begin the painting. It still functions and I’m hoping to have it looking epic when it’s done. Stay tuned! :)






This project is using the body of a shot last and the stock off a praxis. The M16 magazine is a stand-in for whatever will go there eventually. Being a supersoaker, there is no trigger, but I’ll add one for athestetics as the build progresses.

What? No new pictures?

Hey everyone! Sorry, but no new photos yet because I actually took a few days off to go to Orlando for MegaCon. That was a good decision :) I’ve never seen so many people just enjoying themselves at one time! I also admit I saw a lot of firsts, not all of them images I wanted in my brain. But I digress… I ended up selling two of the three guns I took with me before I got to the ticket counter, so I ended up having some cash to spend. (Forgot what that felt like…heh). I ended up buying a PKD Blaster replica kit from the movie Blade runner, so although I’ll most likely sell it, it will still be a lot of fun to make one of my favorite movie guns. Some day I’ll find a reasonable way to get my hands on a M41-A Pulse Rifle from Aliens, but then I’ll have to pry it out of my hands after I finish it!

Gaze upon greatness: http://www.ubergizmo.com/2010/11/aliens-pulse-rifle-replica-for-900/


More stuff soon! Have a good one until then!