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Hey folks!

Sorry for the lack of content on the site, but I’ve had some real difficulties getting logged in and I tend to put off dealing with password and login credentials as long as possible when other avenues are available (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc..).  I think I have all the problems sorted and you shall be seeing a lot more action here as a result.   Thanks for standing resolute and keeping me on your watch list, I promise to repay that kindness soon! :)

So here’s the Thorn Hand Cannon I finally brought through the process of going from 3D print to resin cast awesomeness.   This particular piece was really decked out with real leather and some additional carving on the bridge of the barrel, but it is destined to be part of a raffle where the money is being donated to help some kids who could really use any money that can be donated.  It was a good reason to put all my efforts into it and I hope you like the results.

For anyone yearning for their own 14″ Thorn to add to the trophy wall, please email me at johnsonarms76@gmail.com for price and availability.  Thank you!


Thorn Hand Cannon by Johnson Arms Replicas and Props

Thorn Hand Cannon by Johnson Arms Replicas and Props



Lots of Props 1-13-13

Photo time! Thanks for keeping up with these projects I hope they’re up to snuff :) Just keep in mind that many of these are not quite done, so stay tuned for the final photos!

Questions regarding commissions can go here, thank you! johnsonarms76@gmail.com

I will also be posting some new videos this evening on YouTube. They show the props in this post if you’d like to see more (and hear me rattle on! Heh). A search for “Johnson Arms” on youtube should find my channel!















Adventure Time inspired Demon Blood Sword Finished!

I usually don’t get too fanboy when it comes to the props I paint, but that went out the window with this sword. It’s so damn red and shiny, lol. I tried to balance out the realistic/cartoon-y look and I think this was a good balance for the first try. Many thanks to my talented Dad for his time spent building this three foot beast :)

I hope you AT fans will enjoy seeing the photos (yes, I’ll get a proper photo before it leaves!) and maybe we’ll try another one if you have some suggestions on what the next one should be :)




I had a helmet donated for the purposes of seeing what I could do with a Carter helmet. Here’s the helmet at about 90% (still needs the visor!) – if anyone is curious about my choice of blue..I liked this better than Periwinkle lol

If you have interest in your own JA customized Helmet, let me know! Johnsonarms76@gmail.com20120725-150721.jpg20120725-150735.jpg20120725-150754.jpg

Steampunk Rifle Finished

So it’s finally done!  Whew.  I lost track of the time spent on this one, but I couldn’t be happier with how it came out.  I borrowed a little DNA from Fallout 3 and Borderlands and then blended them into a steampunk theme that I hope will make you folks happy.

 I’ll have more photos of the gun in action soon, but here’s a shot from last night just to give you guys a glimpse of it :)


Thank you all sincerely for following this build.  It was a blast to get more creative with the add-ons and custom parts.  I hope to do more of this in the future :)



Brian Johnson

Johnson Arms Replicas and Props



Shop Update 4-16-2012

Hi Guys!

So here’s a few photos of some of the things getting finished up in preparation for a top-secret project that starts in a few days. It’s going to keep me pretty focused for about a week, but I promise to post anything else that hits the workbench in the meantime. There are a lot of cool things planned, so definitely check back soon for details!

Thanks for visiting and talk to ya later! :)










Custom NERF Vigilon gets some paint and Jayne’s Vera gets some character!

Sorry for a short post tonight, but I wanted to get a few photos up before heading out. I painted the rear part of the Vigilon to get a sense of the color-scheme (military/HALO-ish) and from that I think the gun will look pretty cool when it’s all done. I also started breaking up the canvas that is my NERF version of Vera from the TV show Firefly. That’s one heck of a detailed prop and so I’m doing my best to replicate the different surfaces. I’m certain it will look good when it’s done, but I’m shooting for great so we’ll see how the next week goes!

Enjoy the pictures and thank you for visiting my humble little blog site. :)





Vera with parts missing, of course!

A couple scouts that snuck in..