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Shop update 4-24-12

This week has been a mixed bag weather-wise. Days of rain have lead into 50 degree evenings which is not the norm here in Florida. Humid and chilly is also not ideal for painting, unfortunately, so I’ve had to be creative with the drying process. This amounts to cardboard boxes damp-rid to eat up any moisture floating around the shop. It’s not ideal, but you do what works until the weather is more cooperative :)

With a secret project in full-swing, I haven’t had time to do as much with the other blasters, but rest assured that after Friday we will be back in full swing.

Here’s a few photos in the meantime, stay tuned for more!








Tornado Alley

So the past few days have been kinda wet and rainy. Today mother nature took it up a notch with multiple tornados touching down within about 5 miles of my office. I still put in some time at the shop, but every noise outside sounded very “tornado-y”. Yep, it’s a word, look it up! 😉

The PDK and Jayne’s sidearm are coming along nicely, as are the alpha troopers, mavericks and longstrike. If the weather lets up as it’s supposed to, I’ll have some pictures to show in a few days!

I did want to let everyone know I have quite a few listings on ebay right now, with very reasonable starting and BIN prices. Have a look if you’re looking for something unique. Thanks!


Have a great weekend!