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Customized NECA Portal Gun – Johnson Arms Props


Adventure Time – Demon Blood Sword Progress


Ultimate Custom Nerf M41a Pulse Rifle


Replacement option for the NERF Raider


NERF Longshot Priming Bar Removal


NERF Rayven 12.7v upgrade test


Ultimate Nerf Collection – 3/7/12 – Johnson Arms


Shop Update 2/27/12 – Johnson Arms


Custom HALO Nerf Stampede




Custom Nerf Guns [Series 1]


NERF Deploy CS6 – Custom Painting and issues


How To Realisticly Paint Airsoft and NERF Guns


The EASIEST Maverick Rev 6 Air Restrictor Mod How-to


Custom Nerf Collection #2


Firefly’s “Vera”, HALO style heavy machine-gun, Mass Effect


Nerf Longstrike and Sharp Shot customs


HALO – Steampunk – Firefly – Star Trek


Shop Update – Jan 1st


Works in progress pt 1

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